* Sparx, Classic Rock & Blues *
Welcome to our Sparkin' Web Site
The home for SPARX - Classic Rock and Blues, a 4 piece
live band covering favorites from 50's to the 90's and

The guys are still working.  We've been adding more
material and sharpening up.  Looking forward to the new

Be sure to email us if you have any opportunities!!
If You've never heard of us ...
We're not too surprised as we've been performing live only
since September of 2004.  We're working hard to get "in the
door" at a number of new locales.   If you're interested or
know of club where we'd fit - let us know by email - click

We work hard to blend harmonies with the instrumentals.  
We manage our volume and try to let the vocals do the
work.  That said - we still rock on numbers like Bad Case of
Lovin You and Green River and can groove it up with R&B
on Mustang Sally.  Blues is a specialty from the rocky Pride
and Joy through the choppy riffs of Messin' with the Kid on
to the soulful Stormy Monday.  We're picking up more and
more modern country and pop tunes like Neon Moon and
Follow me too.  If a song is fun - we're up for playing it!!  
Email us your requests.
last updated:
May 14, 2012
next shows
7:00 Tue - 8/21
ity of Southgate
Concert Under
the Stars - Civic
Center on Dix

8:00 Sat - 8/27
Parents without
Partners Turkey
Fry - Taylor
Moose Pavilion
on Telegraph S
of Wick